Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Na'vi Quest - James Cameron's Avatar (Nicole Pitesa)

The Na'vi Quest - James Cameron's Avatar
Nicole Pitesa

Blurb: In the futuristic world of James Cameron's Avatar, a young man named Jake becomes part of an exploration team on the planet Pandora, inhabited by the exotic Na'vi. Scientists have created an avatar - a body that looks like a Na'vi but is operated by a human's consciousness. When in his avatar body, Jake finds himself drawn to the planet's way of life. But before the Na'vi will accept him as one of their own, he has to pass a series of fantastic and dangerous tests. Can Jake survive long enough to become a full-fledged Na'vi? And will he ever want to live as a human again?

ISBN: 9780061801266 (Paperback)
Year: 2009
Publisher: Harper Festival
Pages: 58 (Fiction)


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