Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stieg & Me (Eva Gabrielsson with Marie-Francoise Colombani)

Stieg & Me
Eva Gabrielsson with Marie-Francoise Colombani

Blurb: There is only one person who can tell the real Stieg Larsson story, and that is his lifelong companion Eva Gabrielsson. This is her book.

The keys to the 'Stieg Larsson phenomenon' all lie with Stieg Larsson, the man, and no one knew him like Eva. Here she tells the story of their 30-year romance, of Stieg's passionate struggle to expose Sweden's neo-Nazis, of his fight to keep the magazine he founded, Expo, alive and his difficult relationships with his immediate family. She talks of the genesis of The Millennium Trilogy, the sources for characters and places in each book, the mystery of the fourth volume, and the saga of Larsson's death and his legacy.

Poignant in its account of two soul mates and the life they shared, this is a story told with candour and dignity. It reflects a deep insight into a man everyone wants to know better, about whom so little is known.

ISBN: 9781742377445 (Paperback)
Year: 2011
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Pages: 227 (Non-Fiction)


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