Sunday, November 27, 2011

King of the Cross (Mark Dapin)

King of the Cross
Mark Dapin

Blurb: 'Think Nick Hornby on a meth binge and you've got the style. Think Underbelly 2, but so much more real, and you've got the and compelling and just thinly veiled enough to make it so real.' Melbourne Times

'A fantastic work of crime fiction... a brilliantly funny yet violent and intriguing novel.' Launceston Examiner

'Will have you rolling in laughter... an outrageously uninhibited account of Sydney's most infamous nether world.' Sun-Herald

'...punctuated by lacerating comic dialogue and scenes of explosive violence, full of the kind of inventive word play and thinly veiled social commentary that makes Florida-based crime author Carl Hiaasen so much fun to read - and, as with Hiaasen, there's ample substance beneath the dialogue.' The Age

'Violent funny and poignant by turn; if you liked Underbelly, you'll love this.' Grazia Magazine

'I laughed out loud... the publisher's blurb says the book is 'crime fiction as it's never been written before', and that is a fair call. Dapin brings to the book the quirky, insightful turn of phrase that makes his newspaper columns for Good Weekend mandatory readying.' Stephen Romei, Australian Literary Review

'Dapin is a writer who punches with both hands and winks at the crowd while he's at it. His protagonist is part punk, part pug, part poet - an anti-hero who reveals his own back story as he gets the King of the Cross to unravel the eerily familiar tale of his unlikely rise.' Andrew Rule, author of Underbelly.

'Explosive, gritty, hilarious and - best of all - truly origianly. This book detonates while you're reading it.' Robert Drewe

ISBN: 9780330426121 (Paperback)
Year: 2009
Publisher: Pan
Pages: 311 (Fiction)


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