Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Lost Forests (Tony Barber)

The Lost Forests
Tony Barber

Blurb: In 1876, a young boy called TImothy Barber escaped from his cruel uncle, Fumble Fingers Farrow, and came to Australia from England. Timothy carried a bag of seeds, given to him by one of the world's last flying pigs! The pig told Timothy that all the creatures of magic and mythology had gone underground to lie safely in the many 'Other Worlds'.

As Timothy was a 'special person', the pig told him to listen for the sounds of the 'Other Worlds' drifting upwards from below. In these places he should plant one seed from the bag...and the talking guardian trees - The Lost Forests - would then spring up, surrounding magic trapdoors.

These trapdoors were the only entrances to the 'Other Worlds'. In 1932 Timothy and his wife Rosebud disappeared forever into the 'Other Worlds'. All the forests and trapdoors he had discovered vanished also.

Timothy's grandson, Tony Barber, who wrote this book, found the bag of the magic seeds left by his grandfather. Wherever he hears the sounds of the 'Other Worlds', he plants a seed, and a 'Lost Forrest' appears, along with a trapdoor. Each night he enters the 'Other Worlds', still trying to find his grandfather. The Lost Forests books are all about the creatures and many adventures Tony has there. We hope you enjoy reading them.

ISBN: 0646068711 (Hardback)
Year: 1989
Publisher: Matchbooks
Pages: 32 (Fiction)


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