Monday, June 13, 2011

Shaq Attaq! (Shaquille O'Neal & Jack McCallum)

Shaq Attaq!
Shaquille O'Neal & Jack McCallum

Blurb: Shaquille O'Neal is the hottest player to hit the NBA in years, with his combination of incredible talent, versatility, maturity, and charisma.

Scoring a high of 46 points in one game, and already in the record books for scoring and rebounding, Shaquille truly is a star - and it comes as no surprise that he was voted Rookie of the Year.

Now Shaquille opens up to his fans in an unprecedented, no-hold-barred account, to let them know what it's really like to be the new 7-foot, 300-pound kid on the block.

What's it like to be compared at age 21 to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, among others?

Shaq discusses with complete honesty his fears and apprehensions; what makes him happy (including rappin' with favourite group Fu Schnickens); what makes him sad; what makes him blow his stack - including what really happened on court with Alvin Robertson, and being suspended from the Southeastern Conference Tournament for throwing a punch.

He discusses the influence of his father and mother, and how he needed discipline to avoid becoming a 'juvenile delinquent' when moving from one army base to another while growing up.

A fascinating and candid account by the biggest and brightest star of the NBA, including 8 pages of never-before-seen photos, Shaq Attaq! is the perfect book for all of Shaquille's fans.

Jack McCallum is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, and is author of a previous book, Unfinished Business: On and Off the Court with the 1991-2 Boston Celtics.

ISBN: 1863501665 (Paperback)
Year: 1993
Publisher: Wilkinson Books
Pages: 202 (Non-Fiction)


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