Friday, November 30, 2012

Mewtwo Strikes Back - Pokemon The First Movie (Tracey West)

Mewtwo Strikes Back - Pokemon The First Movie
Tracey West

Blurb: Here comes Mewtwo, the Super-Pokemon - and it's trying to take over the world! (That is NOT a good thing!)

Scientists cloned the legendary Pokemon Mew to create Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon in the world. Only no one counted on a mad, mean Mewtwo! Now it wants to rule, and it will stop at nothing to get its way.

Mewtwo sets a trap for the world's best Pokemon trainers. It plans to steal their Pokemon and make super-nasty clones - clones strong enough to defeat all the real Pokemon. Even Ash and Pikachu are no match for Mewtwo and its cunning copies.

Now only Mew can save the world from Mewtwo's Poke power. Mew, go1 It's a double-trouble Pokemon showdown.

ISBN: 0439137411 (Paperback)
Year: 1999
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 109 (Fiction)


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Island of the Giant Pokemon - Pokemon #2 (Tracey West)

Island of the Giant Pokemon - Pokemon #2
Tracey West


Ash and Pikachu are invited to a Pokemon party on a cruise ship. Cool, right? Not! They've been tricked by the evil Team Rocket, who plan to steal all the Pokemon on board.

Things get worse when the ship sinks, and the survivors end up lost in a strange land - filed with monster-sized Pokemon!

Will the castaways find their way home? Or will they be stranded forever on the Island of the Giant Pokemon?

ISBN: 0439104661 (Paperback)
Year: 1999
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 85 (Fiction)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Night in the Haunted Tower - Pokemon #4 (Tracey West)

Night in the Haunted Tower - Pokemon #4
Tracey West

Blurb: Tower of Terror

Ash has to defeat the Gym Leader Sabrina to earn a Marsh Badge. But only Ghost Pokemon are strong enough to beat her powerful Psychic Pokemon in battle. Now Ash and Pikachu have to spend a haunting night in Pokemon Tower to catch a spooky specter.

It won't be easy. Ghost Pokemon are tricky. But Ash isn't afraid of any ghosts. Nothing can stop him from becoming a Pokemon master!

ISBN: 043913742X (Paperback)
Year: 1999
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 70 (Fiction)


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winnie The Pooh (A.A. Milne; illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard)

Winnie The Pooh
A.A. Milne; illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard

Blurb: A.A. Milne's Pooh stories need no introduction; they have been loved by generations of children since Pooh, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Rabbit and Owl, Kanga and Roo - not forgetting Eeyore - made their first appearance. Ernest Shepard's delightful illustrations enhance the charm of the stories.

ISBN: 0749702109 (Paperback)
Year: 1926
Publisher: Mammoth
Pages: 146 (Fiction)


Monday, November 26, 2012

Life is Unfair - Malcolm in the Middle #1 (Tom Mason & Dan Danko)

Life is Unfair - Malcolm in the Middle #1
Tom Mason & Dan Danko

Blurb: 'Around here, being smart is like being radioactive.'

Meet Malcolm. People used to think he was weird. But ever since his school put him in a special class for brainiacs - they KNOW he is.

Good thing his family is so normal. Wait - that must be someone ELSE's family.

ISBN: 0439228409 (Paperback)
Year: 2000
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 102 (Fiction)


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mutiny - Space: Above and Beyond #3 (Easton Royce)

Mutiny - Space: Above and Beyond #3
Easton Royce

Blurb: The year is 2063. Earth's first space settlement has just been demolished by an Alien army so violent and blood-thirsty it left almost nothing in its wake. And now it's up to the forces of Earth to defend the planet and save all of mankind... Meet the 58th Marine Squadron trained for war in SPACE.

When Lieutenant Cooper Hawkes and the rest of the 58th Squadron are rescued from a distant space port by a passing freighter, they quickly discover what special cargo the ship is hauling: thousands of tanks of In-Vitros. And one of those In-Vitros is Cooper's 'sister' - a being created from his gene pool.

Finding a relative is something Cooper has always wanted - but before he can start his family reunion, the ship is damaged by enemy fire. In order to save the humans on board, the captain is forced to shut down power to the cargo bay - even though that means destroying all of the unborn In-Vitros.

Lieutenant Hawkes refuses to give up his sister without a fight. But is he angry enough to start a space mutiny?

ISBN: 0064406415 (Paperback)
Year: 1996
Publisher: Harper Trophy
Pages: 102 (Fiction)