Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Clubbable Woman (Reginald Hill)

A Clubbable Woman (A Dalziel & Pascoe Novel)
Reginald Hill

Blurb: It isn't much of a homecoming for Sam Connon: his wife comatose in front of the television. But it is about to get worse. Sometime in the night, Mrs Connon is murdered.

The killing becomes the talk of Connon's Rugby Club, already a hotbed of gossip and intrigue that only a seasoned observer could understand. Luckily, DS Andrew Dalziel is just such a man. The only thing he's not sure about is his new Sergeant, Peter Pascoe, an up-and-coming graduate policeman with his own funny ways.

Pascoe insists on going by the book, while Dalziel has his own creed. He's on home ground and thinks he knows the field, but there are some shocks in store for both of them...

ISBN: 9780007313020 (Paperback)
Year: 1970
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 313 (Fiction)


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