Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bad Twin (Gary Troup)

Bad Twin
Gary Troup

Blurb: Paul Artisan knows trouble when he sees it. As a private detective, he spends his life seeking out dark places where demons lurk. But lately he's been drifting along, taking on cases about insurance fraud or medical malpractice. Until Clifford Widmore walks into his office, and changes everything.

Clifford, an adult scion to the vast Widmore fortune, needs Artisan's help. Clifford's twin brother, Alexander, has vanished. Although 'Zander' has alienated himself from his family in the past, Clifford believes that this time foul play is involved.

The closer Artisan gets to finding answers, the more danger his life is in. He soon descends into a mirro-world where friends and enemies have a way of looking very much alike. Artisan hatches a plan to uncover the truth. He sets off on a journey across the globe and, along the way, learns the Widmore family is full of dangerous secrets. Some even worth killing for.

Soon an unknown enemy seems to want Artisan off the case - by any means necessary. Undeterred, Artisan continues on his course. But will he get to the truth before the monsters lurking in the shadows get to him?

In Bad Twin, Gary Troup spins a mesmerising tale of mystery and suspense, weaving clues throughout the story that are far more consequential than they seem. Touching on themes of good verses evil, purgatory, and redemption, Bad Twin shows how fate can turn when all seems lost.

It is with a mix of pride and sorrow that Hyperion presents Bad Twin, the last novel by a wonderful author who was taken from us in the very prime of his writing life. As many readers are already aware, Gary Troup has been missing since September 2004, when the jetliner that was carrying him from Sydney to Los Angeles crashed somewhere over the South Pacific. While nothing is more human than to hope for miracles, reason tells us that the author and his fellow travellers cannot have survived that disaster.

In addition to his many novels of mystery and crime, Gary Troup authored several non-fiction books, including The Valenzetti Equation. His disappearance is mourned by all who knew him and enjoyed his work.

ISBN: 1401302769 (Hardback)
Year: 2006
Publisher: Hyperion
Pages: 258 (Fiction)


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