Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cairo Jim and the Lagoon of Tidal Magnificence (Geoffrey McSkimming)

Cairo Jim and the Lagoon of Tidal Magnificence
Geoffrey McSkimming

Blurb: High in the crater of an extinct, jungle-covered volcano in Sumatra, a legendary Ancient Palace is thought to exist...

What astounding secret does this Palace harbour? Where is the missing Turkish Women's Olympic Championship Tent Erection Team?

What has the Glamourdust Glove and Gusset Company got to do with it? Will Cairo Jim (that well-known archaeologist and little-known poet) and his friends, Doris the macaw, Brendan the Wonder Camel and Jocelyn Osgood of Valkyrian Airways, discover the amazing truth? Do you know your top button is undone?

Another action-packed, breathless romp of historical whimsy from the pen of Geoffrey McSkimming!

ISBN: 0733602959 (Paperback)
Year: 2000
Publisher: Hodder
Pages: 239 (Fiction)


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