Saturday, May 28, 2011

Striker: Sudden Death (Nick Hale)

Striker: Sudden Death
Nick Hale

Blurb: 'I trusted you,' said Jake. 'But you're just a murderer.'

Jake Bastin is the son of a famous football coach. He gets to fly first class, meet the top players and go to all the big matches.
But when Jake's dad is approached to train a Russian billionaire's elite team in St Petersburg, things go horribly wrong. A football scout, a journalist and an eco-scientist are all killed within days of each other. And Jake's dad is always at the scene of the crime...
Torn between loyalty to his father and the power of the Russian mafia, Jake must use his striker instincts to bring the bad guys down.
But what if the bad guy is his own father?
International football meets the world of espionage in a nail-biting action thriller.

ISBN: 9781405249508 (Paperback)
Year: 2010
Publisher: Egmont
Pages: 231 (Fiction)


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