Monday, May 21, 2012

Storm Warning - The 39 Clues #9 (Linda Sue Park)

Storm Warning - The 39 Clues #9
Linda Sue Park

Blurb: The shadow of a man in black has followed fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her brother, Dan, on their worldwide search for 39 Clues that lead to a great power. Amy and Dan know the man in black has tried to kill them. They know he is a Madrigal, a member of the most secretive and terrifying group hunting the Clues. And they know something else, a secret they would rather forget - their parents were Madrigals, too. Amy and Dan have run hard and fast, but they can't escape the man following them. And now, in the wake of a terrible tragedy, he's ready to step out of the darkness for their final confrontation.

ISBN: 9780545152952 (Hardback)
Year: 2010
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 190 (Fiction)


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