Friday, May 18, 2012

Kouta (Anthony Koutoufides with Tony De Bolfo)

Anthony Koutoufides with Tony De Bolfo

Blurb: I can, I will, just watch me.

Carlton fans adored him for his ability to win games off his own boot; opponents admired him for his seemingly superhuman feats. And today, AFL coaches still scour the fields for rookies of his ilk. But there's only one Anthony Koutofides.

For sixteen years, Kouta's name echoed throughout the stands and for good reason - his speed, strength, skill and aerial ability epitomised the modern game. His one-handed pick-up brought him to the attention of his coach, but his strong mark, beautiful kick and sheer athleticism won over all the fans. A premiership player and twice All-Australia, Kouta certainly found success but his career hasn't always been a fairytale. Chronic injuries restricted his game, personal tragedy left him reeling and when he was made captain, he had to lead the club through some of its darkest days.

As he farewells the game, Kouta tells all - the pressures of mounting expectation, club politics, drug allegations and the changing face of football. He recounts his journey from the early days in Lalor (when all you needed was a game of kick-to-kick in the street) to the big lights and pay packets of a national league, where controversy pops up at the slightest provocation. Insightful and entertaining, Kouta is a candid look at out beloved game from perhaps the greatest player of his era.

ISBN: 9781740665407 (Hardback)
Year: 2007
Publisher: Hardie Grant Books
Pages: 232 (Non-Fiction)


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