Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Storm Peak - A Jesse Parker Mystery #1 (John A. Flanagan)

Storm Peak ( A Jesse Parker Mystery #1)
John A. Flanagan

Blurb: Jesse Parker, an ex-Denver police detective, has returned home to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to spend the winter working the ski patrol and taking it easy. But he is reluctantly dragged back into a world of violence and murder when a serial killer arrives in town.

After a skier is found murdered, Lee Torrens, the local sheriff, asks her old friend Jesse to help out with the investigation. As the pair work together, the embers of an old union re-ignite, but the killer continues to stalk the town, leaving little clues as to his motive. And his growing notoriety brings complications that will shake the foundations of the small town.

Are the murders the random acts of a psychopath, or a cold, calculated escalation of terror? No-one is safe.

ISBN: 9781741669534 (Paperback)
Year: 2009
Publisher: Bantam
Pages: 355 (Fiction)


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