Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lost Symbols? The Secrets of Washington, D.C. / The Secret Zodiacs of Washington, D.C. (David Ovason)

Lost Symbols? The Secrets of Washington, D.C. (The Secret Zodiacs of Washington, D.C.)
David Ovason

Blurb: The secrets, the myths and the facts behind Washington, D.C.'s design and its Masonic significance.

In this groundbreaking, original work, David Ovason reveals the intimate connections between the mysterious zodiacal symbols and the stellar lore of Washington, D.C. and the secret plan for the city.

There are over fifty complete zodiacs in Washington, D.C., all bearing witness to an extraordinary stellar mystery. Why did generations of architects and artists put their lives and energies on the line when designing this City of the Stars? What was their shared secret language? What or who drove them to create a city overflowing with such esoteric symbolism? What is the meaning behind the secret symbolism of Washington, D.C.'s layout? And what does it mean for America's future?

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