Saturday, January 14, 2012

High Stakes & Hunted - Vampire Beach Series #5 & #6 (Alex Duval)

High Stakes & Hunted (Vampire Beach Series #5 & #6)
Alex Duval

Blurb: Malibu had been very, very good to him. Even if the place was bursting with vampires. Or maybe because it was.

There was one vampire who'd definitely made his life more intense and more exciting - Sienna. Being with her made him feel more alive, even though entering her world had nearly made him dead. He's been attacked by a crazed vampire, consumed with bloodlust, and shot with a crossbow by a vampire hunter...

And yet in spite of all the near-death experiences, Jason wouldn't have had his life any other way. Sienna was worth it all.

It doesn't matter to Jason that his beautiful girlfriend isn't human - they are made for each other. But Sienna and her fellow vampires hide dark, dangerous secrets and Jason's relationship - and his life are at risk...

ISBN: 9781849410007 (Paperback)
Year: 2008
Publisher: Red Fox
Pages: 232 (Fiction)


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