Monday, January 2, 2012

Ritual & Legacy - Vampire Beach Series #3 & #4 (Alex Duval)

Ritual & Legacy (Vampire Beach Series #3 & #4)
Alex Duval

Blurb: He'd seen her look this gorgeous once before, when she had first told him that she was a vampire.

She'd let him see her true beauty then and it was just as mesmerising now. Her black hair glimmered in the dim light, her skin was sheer golden perfection and, all of a sudden, Jason felt like the bigger idiot in the world. Why had he ever let himself think that Sienna would want to be with him? She was one of them. He wasn't. End of story. Then she turned. Her dark eyes met him across the sea of faces, and she smiled. A sizzle raced through Jason's body and all his doubt dissapeared. It didn't matter what she was or what he wasn't. They were made for each other.

Jason's life in Malibu is looking up, especially now Sienna, the most beautiful girl in town, seems to be interested in him. Jason is learning to live with Sienna's dark secret - that she and her friends are vampires - but is she more trouble than she's worth?

ISBN: 9781862308978 (Paperback)
Year: 2007
Publisher: Red Fox
Pages: 249 (Fiction)


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