Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Va Dinci Cod (A.R.R.R. Roberts / Don Brine / Adam Roberts)

The Va Dinci Cod
A.R.R.R. Roberts / Don Brine / Adam Roberts

Blurb: Five utterly baffling mysteries that will change what you believe about the world. And fish. And the wisdom of ever reading another book:

-An eminent, renowned museum curator lies dead in his own gallery, with a three-foot cod stuffed down his throat...
-A brilliant young man, a renowned anagrammatologist, good-looking, gsoh, own flat, good job, non-smoker, very high standards of personal hygiene, single, he's not gay, and he's not antisocial, he meets lots of women really, just nobody seems quite right...
-A beautiful, renowned young French police cryptologist who studied for her cryptology degree at Royal Holloway - a university without a department in cryptology...
-A book full of rehashed conspiracy theory cods (Oh! My! God!) wallop becomes a global bestseller.
-Another book that should be called The Eda Vinci Cod gets called The Va Dinci Cod instead. An anagram is it? Err no.

The true reasons for the success of Don Brine's books are a secret that not even the Knights Templar, the CIA or the Church of the Resplendent Latter Day Apostles Who came Down from Space to Smite the Liberals (Alabama) are privy to.

Less-than-interestingly if you transcribe Don Brine into the Cyrillic alphabet and read it in a mirror and then transcribe it back out of the Cyrillic it reads as a transliteration of the Hebrew for Adam Roberts. If you squint a bit. 

Adam Roberts, get this, actually does teach at Royal Holloway. But not cryptology. Perhaps not even English.

ISBN: 0575077190 (Hardback)
Year: 2005
Publisher: Gollancz
Pages: 180 (Fiction)


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