Friday, July 20, 2012

Learning from Legends - AFL (Bruce McAvaney)

Learning from Legends - AFL
Interviews by Bruce McAvaney

Blurb: Following the success of Learning from Legends Sport, Business and Australian Cricket, the fourth in the series, Learning from Legends AFL, shifts its leadership focus to the country's biggest professional sport, Australian football, and delivers further insight into the thoughts, experiences and opinions of AFL Legends both past and present. 

Based on extensive interviews conducted by pre-eminent sports commentator Bruce McAvaney, Learning from Legends AFL explores leadership with nearly 50 of the game's greatest ambassadors. The Legends tell McAvaney about their earliest influences, the most inspiring leaders they have played for and with, their key leadership lessons and much more.

The leadership insights presented in Learning from Legends AFL will inspire, motivate and inform all who read it. Although the names are familiar, the insights are unique, and each Legend has contributed in the hope that others may learn from their experiences and triumphs. 

ISBN: 9781921486128 (Hardback)
Year: 2009
Publisher: Fairfax Books
Pages: 255 (Non-Fiction)


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