Monday, July 30, 2012

Australian War Classics (Various)

Australian War Classics 

Blurb: Four timeless accounts

We Were the Rats - Lawson Glassop
Glassop compellingly captures all the fear, bravery and determination of the so-called 'Rats of Tobruk' - the Australian soldiers who found themselves under protracted siege on the North African coast. We Were the Rats is a novel that paints a quintessential portrait of the fiercely independent and intrinsically larrikin Aussie Digger.

Desert Siege - Chester Wilmot
Tobruk, like Gallipoli, holds a special place in Australia's war annals. Wilmot's gripping account of how the Australian Imperial Force helped hold the besieged coastal fortress against the superior might of the Germans is based on personal observation, official documents, and eyewitness accounts - from both sides.

Behind Bamboo - Rohan D. Rivett
Rivett's saga of life as a Japanese prisoner of war, including the hell of his days on the infamous Burma-Thailand Railway, is brutal in its honesty, haunting in its realism and alive with the Australian POW's indomitable will to survive.

The Ridge and the River - T.A.G. Hungerford
Hungerford's tautly written novel, based on  his own experiences as a commando on Bougainville, recreates the ordeal of face-to-face confrontation with the enemy - and the unassailable Aussie humour and the triumph of sheer guts over the constant fear and group tensions intrinsic to jungle warfare.

ISBN: 0734305222 (Hardback)
Year: 1944 / 1946 / 1952
Publisher: Claremont
Pages: 1243 (Fiction / Non-Fiction)


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