Monday, February 20, 2012

The Spycatcher Trial (Malcolm Turnbull)

The Spycatcher Trial
Malcolm Turnbull

Blurb: It started with M15 seeking to muzzle an old spy..It ended with the British Government on trial.

In 1985 an ex-intelligence officer signed a contract for the publication of his memoirs with an Australian publisher. Mrs Thatcher was having none of it, and Peter Wright was pursued through the courts of the English-speaking world. Wright, equally tenacious, remained determined to see his book appear.

In early 1986 a brilliant young Sydney lawyer took up the Spycatcher case - and was given a one per cent chance of winning. The ensuing three-week trial, the centrepiece of that young lawyer's own account of the affair, turned the Spycatcher case in favour of Wright and made his book an international bestseller.

In the Spycatcher Trial Malcolm Turnbull is able to describe from the inside the fascinating conduct of a celebrated legal battle. He discusses Wright's motives in wishing to publish and those of the British Government in relentlessly seeking to stop him. And, above all, he recreates the drama of the trial that caught the world's imagination.

ISBN: 1863300082 (Paperback)
Year: 1988
Publisher: Mandarin
Pages: 228 (Non-Fiction)


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