Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gentle Satan: My Life with Abe Saffron (Alan Saffron)

Gentle Satan: My Life with Abe Saffron
Alan Saffron

Blurb: Abe Saffron was Australia's most notorious underworld figure, for decades known as 'Mr Sin' and the 'King of King's Cross'. His wife called him something different: 'Gentle Satan'. This fascinating memoir by his son Alan tells us why, for the first time, revealing the truth about the man and his crimes - both professional and personal.

Growing up, Alan counted the money from Abe's brothels and hotels, and frequented his illegal bars and strip clubs, including the famous Les Girls, The Roosevelt and the Pink Pussycat. He describes Abe's corrupt deals with premiers, police commissioners and a prime minister - many of whom he met - as well as the real estate deals that 'legitimised' Abe's fortune.

But Alan's most compelling stories are about his own highly volatile relationship with is authoritarian father, and his mother's struggle to deal with Abe's affairs, including the attention he gave to his 'second' family, up till his death and beyond.

An incredible story of family loyalties, betrayals, illegitimate sibling and contested inheritance, all in the powerful grip of a flawed millionaire patriarch.

ISBN: 9780143010715 (Paperback)
Year: 2008
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 311 (Non-Fiction)


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