Friday, April 13, 2012

Open Secrets: A True Story of Love, Jealousy, and Murder (Carlton Stowers)

Open Secrets: A True Story of Love, Jealousy, and Murder
Carlton Stowers

Blurb: On a fall afternoon in 1983, in an upscale Dallas suburb, Rozanne Gailiunas was found stripped, bound to her bed, and shot through the skull. Her four-year-old son had been napping peacefully in the next room when she was killed. Rozanne's husband, Dr. Peter Gailiunas - and her lover, Larry Aylor - immediately fell under suspicion. Until a surprise informant identified the mastermind behind the murder as Aylor's own wife, Joy - a woman so driven by jealously and greed that she put out a contract on both Rozanne and later her own husband.

On the run and managing to elude investigators for eight years, the two-year search for the socialite would eventually end in the south of France. There, authorities found the elusive femme fatale, living as comfortably among the world's elite as she was among hired killers. At last, the authorities' questions would be answered, to reveal a shocking insight into the heart of an unlikely killer, and a small-town Texas crime that made international headlines.

ISBN: 9780312982140 (Paperback)
Year: 1994
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Pages: 386 (Non-Fiction)


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