Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scab Pie: Barf-O-Rama Series #7 (Pat Pollari)

Scab Pie: Barf-O-Rama Series #7
Pat Pollari

Blurb: Pus 'n' Bugs.

Angela Plutnick's brother, Ukiah, is the creepiest person on the planet. When he's not picking his ugly, pus-filled scabs, he's doing weird experiments on his bug collection.

A recipe for puke.

Tonight, Angela's doing her mom a huge favor. Mrs. Plutnick sells homemade cakes and pies to local supermarkets - and tomorrow's delivery day. But she's really sick and Angela has to take over. Ukiah wants to pitch in too, but his sticky, crunchy scabs fall in the cake batter, and his yellow pus drips into the pie crust.

That's sweet nothing compared to what happens when Ukiah's pet maggots, roaches and daddy longlegs get loose in the kitchen...

Will anyone taste the different?

ISBN: 0553484133 (Paperback)
Year: 1996
Publisher: Bantam Books
Pages: 118 (Fiction)


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