Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Nearest Fire - Torin Trilogy #2 (Cherry Wilder)

The Nearest Fire - Torin Trilogy #2
Cherry Wilder

Blurb: Scott Gale, once a lieutenant on a bio-survey mission from earth, crash landed on another world. He is now called Diver and he is the Luck of Brin's Five - a full member of a Moruian Family. He has to find his way back to his spacecraft and the human crew waiting for him without being discovered by his enemies.

The Nearest Fire.

Yolo Harn learns of political intrigue against Scott Gale, the human who crash landed on her world. He is in terrible danger. So she begins a greuling search for the humans on her world. When she finally reaches the three earthpeople she has to face their fire-metal-magic and overcome her fear of their spacecraft. And she must learn to speak their language before she can tell them that their crewmate is still alive.

ISBN: 073225132X (Paperback)
Year: 1980
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 237 (Fiction)


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