Thursday, August 9, 2012

Disney's Hercules (Cathy East Dubowski)

Disney's Hercules
Cathy East Dubowski

Blurb: A hero of truly epic proportions.

Young Hercules knew he didn't fit in with the other kids his age, who called him Jerk-ules. But he had no idea he was the son of the all-powerful god Zeus. When he was born, Pain and Panic, Hades not-so-bright helpers, transformed Hercules into a mortal instead of actually killing him.

Once Hercules uncovers his past, he is on a quest to become a hero, thus immortal. But Hades has other plans for the Wonder Boy. As Herc proves himself stronger than anything Hades can throw at him, he finally realises that a true hero is not measures by the size of his strength but the strength of his heart.

Based on the Walt Disney Pictures movie, this heroic and humorous novel contains eight pages of full-colour still from the animated film.

ISBN: 1854718932 (Paperback)
Year: 1997
Publisher: Claremont 
Pages: 84 (Fiction)


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