Friday, June 29, 2012

The World's Most Evil Psychopaths - Horrifying True-Life Cases (John Marlowe)

The World's Most Evil Psychopaths - Horrifying True-Life Cases
John Marlowe

Blurb: Carl Panzram was gang-raped at the age of 14 and by way of revenge forcibly sodomised more than a thousand boys and men as well as committing over 20 murders.

Ed Kemper shot his grandmother once in the head and twice in the back and went on to murder his grandfather, his mother, her friend and six female hitch-hikers.

Jerry Brudos strangled Jan Whitney in his house and left her body dangling from the ceiling for several days.

Pietro Pacciani got 13 years in prison for killing a travelling salesman who had slept with his fiancee. Not only did Pacciani stab the man 19 times, but he also raped the corpse. 

The World's Most Evil Psychopaths provides a concise, yet detailed look at some of the most dangerous individuals who have ever lived. Starting with examples of the earliest recorded psychopaths, author John Marlowe presents a carefully chosen cross-section of history's most infamous criminals, whose fascinating life stories are viewed with an unflinching gaze, making for a chilling, but engrossing read.

ISBN: 9781841937533 (Paperback)
Year: 2009
Publisher: Ice Water Press
Pages: 208 (Non-Fiction)


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